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Client Services

Client Services

After gaining all the experience being involved in independent currency trading and market analysis for 6 years from 2005-2011, Charting Today was founded in January 2011 and entered the market initially providing only our Trading Signals Service, but later launched our Forex Education Service in August 2011.

As a result of the high level of customer satisfaction with our services, Charting Today experienced strong growth in subscribers to these two services in the first two years.

In April 2013 we proudly launched our Daily Live Trading Room Service, which represented the next stage of valuable support services provided by Charting Today, however we discontinued it in 2016, as the purpose of Trading Room was to educate traders in real time, but most were signals hunting without putting in efforts to identify trades themselves.

In January 2017, In Association with Blackwell Global New Zealand, Charting Today PAMM service was launched, to cater for smaller deposits and manage their money starting $10,000 USD.