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Mariam is the co-founder of Charting Today, and takes care of all the operations of the company. While all the market related activities are handled by Tanmay, everything else at Charting Today from managing finances, client/corporate communication, marketing and blog management is done and taken care by Mariam.

She is also a Singapore grown patissier and the owner of an online company that sells cakes and cookies.

Mariam has always shown a flair for trading Forex markets since the very beginning of her professional life.

With Mariam’s education being a Major in Multimedia, and being a computer science student, she obviously had a love with computers and devoted most of her time to them.

That was how trading came along, and what started as a hobby for Mariam soon turned into a career after she got to know Tanmay. She went from friends to becoming a student of his and, because of her immense passion for trading, she picked up Tanmay’s analysis quickly.